Following the successful launch of the WeLocal monetary ecosystem based on WLC (WeLocalCoin) stablecoin cryptocurrency, the platform is thrilled to announce a bounty campaign designed to attract a wider audience of cryptocurrency investors and enthusiasts who are eager to monetize their social skills.

WeLocal is built on the idea of cooperation. Its bounty campaign’s primary goal is to bring together crypto enthusiasts from around the world and help them discover the real earning potential of the network, which can be fulfilled through both a comprehensive use of social networks and the unique characteristics of the WeLocal proprietary cryptocurrency WeLocalCoin.

WeLocal has positioned itself before the steep surging trend to become a disruptive force of the cryptocurrency space. The innovative stablecoin logic underlying the WeLocalCoin is a clear breakthrough of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and many experts are calling it the “holy grail” of cryptocurrencies for a reason. It will offer users a safe place to store their savings in non-volatile and growing cryptocurrency instead of subjecting them to a common cryptocurrency market woes such as huge price volatility, unclear coin valuations, and others.

WeLocal offers the following bounty campaign types:

Introductory campaign – 50 WLC
Social media campaign (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, SteemIt, Medium) – 50%
Telegram and Skype Campaign – 7%
Signature, Avatar and personal text – BitcoinTalk campaign – 12%
Content creation campaign (Video, Blogging, Articles) – 30%
Bounty Referral Campaign – 25 WLC
Best Bounty Hunter Challenge – separate compensation logic

Each type of campaign has its stake attached to it, which can be claimed once the campaign is completed. The bounty distribution will be executed according to the campaign structure, and the bounty in WLC allocated for each campaign will be divvied up amongst all campaign participants in proportion to the stakes earned.

Each bounty campaign differs by goals, conditions, and requirements for participation. There are campaigns aimed to incentivize participants to test the WeLocal ecosystem by promising the reward for registration no special skills is needed and the one-time award of 50 WLC will be paid. Others are explicitly tailored to spread the word and distribute information on social media among opinion leaders and digital influencers (again, no special skills and a one-time bonus of 25 WLC for each valid registration will be awarded). But in other cases stakes are much higher: a participant will be competing for different stakes each day and his reward will depend on the number of posts, shares, likes on a given day he or she can generate (up to a certain limit). His or her reward may also depend on the number of followers and the quality of the content.

“Although it’s obvious that we want to give the WeLocal users a chance to make real money, the goal behind the bounty campaign is to cement our community and create stronger ties among the cryptocurrency enthusiasts,” says one of the creators of the WeLocal monetary system. “The bottom line is, stop fearing cryptocurrency and get into it head on: it’s easy, it’s fun, you’ll find tons of friends on social networks, and you will get rich in no time!”

The WeLocal bounty campaign will run for ten weeks and will start on March 26, 2018. The total amount of bounty to be paid to participants will be 2% of the total amount of WLC tokens distributed during that time period.

To learn more about the WeLocal bounty campaign, please visit