Cryptocurrency Fuels eSports in China’s Biggest Mobile Game


Attracting a primarily youthful audience, gaming and cryptocurrency go hand in hand. Based in China, Fujian eGaming Tournament Group has partnered with Asura World LLC to fund prize pools using cryptocurrency, Asura Coin.

Common Goals, Greater Exposure

Fujian eGaming is teaming up with NEO-based eSports platform, Asura World LLC to incorporate China’s first gaming reward system using both Chinese Yuan (RMB) and cryptocurrency.

Asura announced a total investment valued at 5 million RMB to directly fund prize pools for Fujian tournaments and included “3 years of exclusive hosting and branding rights” for the tournament platform. The platform’s partnership allows Asura to expose its project and cryptocurrency to the massive gaming audience in China and beyond.

In a June 13th blog post, CEO of Asura World LLC, Peter Shen stated:

“Partnering with Fujian eGaming Tournament Group will allow Asura an unprecedented exposure to the mass population of Chinese mobile gamers.”

King of Glory Players and Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts Alike
Currently, the most popular game in the world, King of Glory is a multiplayer mobile strategy game with 50 million daily active users and over 200 million monthly active users worldwide.

With eSports popularity expanding globally, Fujian is planning to build five new eSports arenas across China to support city tournaments for King of Glory.

The expansion will coincide with its progressive interest in cryptocurrency as a tournament prize – using Asura Coin as a direct method of funding prize pools.

According to the official statement by Asura, Fujian eGaming spokeswoman, Cheng said:

“The majority of our players and audiences are under the age of 30, they are both very interested in gaming and cryptocurrency, with many preferring to have cryptocurrency instead of RMB. So it was only natural for us to add cryptocurrency as a reward for tournament winners, we think this will help us establish ourselves uniquely in the Chinese market.”